Gonna try a bit of optimism

Ok so those of you familiar with my posts on Infinite know that I care very little for it. HOWEVER, I’m gonna try and be optimistic here. Let’s say by the time Forge launches 343 has custom game menus and selection running like a well oiled machine, and Forge has relatively few issues at launch, well here’s my top 10 hopes that if met would at least get me to show up every once in a blue moon:

  1. A custom game setting for Fiesta where you can choose what weapons, vehicles, and equipment appear.

  2. A custom game setting for unlimited equipment usage and spawn equipment.

  3. A custom game setting that allows you to choose set or random equipment/vehicle spawns for fiesta.

  4. The option to make Teleporters completely silent so people can’t sound hore you.

  5. Classic weapons with their classic functionalities returning.

  6. Return the EMP to the Plasma Pistol, it’s been around for almost 2 decades now, fix this.

  7. Less focus on the store and more focus on getting the game up to snuff.

  8. Ability to disable ALL boundaries in Forge and Custom Arena

  9. The complete and total overhaul of the Custom Game system so that it works flawlessly, and effortlessly when creating custom game modes.

  10. Prioritize making “Fun” weapons over “balanced” weapons. This is why I still play and love Halo 5, the weapons are chaotic and insanely powerful, honestly if the weapons in Infinite were as good as 5’s, I’d probably still be playing Infinite right now.

So yes, if at least the majority of this list can be met by the time Forge launches, I’ll definitely consider coming back exclusively for Custom Games when I’m in the right mood.

  1. 2, and 3 would be very simple to script.

Our group is going to have a custom Fiesta set up where you have different lists of weapons for players of different skills.

  1. Don’t know - but it sounds horrible. :slight_smile:

  2. Looks as if some are returning. You may have to wait for others. Sadly the golf club hasn’t been sighted yet.

  3. Not sure.

  4. You obviously haven’t noticed - the store has well and truly fallen out of attention as well.

  5. I think that has been done.

  6. Fingers crossed.

  7. The ability to script weapon combinations sounds awesome. Imagine some sort of Ultra Fiesta game that takes two random weapons and combines them.

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I have no optimism left after tonight. I want to delete this game and get a refund on every penny I ever spent on it

But I know that can’t happen so it just makes me even more angry

Everyone keeps asking for emp to return to the Plasma Pistol like it will accomplish anything other than making vehicles even more worthless than they already are in this game.

We already have a sniper, pistol, grenade, and even a fusion coil that emps. And you know more shock damage is gonna come into the game eventually. I’m predicting a classic-style lightning gun, and at least one banished vehicle that fires shock projectiles becoming a thing. Giving it back to the plasma pistol isn’t going to suddenly fix the gun. Fixing desync will instantly make the tracking visually consistent, and giving the semi-auto function a reasonable killtime to take the place of the missing Plasma Rifle archetype will drastically increase its viability without further damaging vehicle play.

Also giving plasma CE style player stun across the board will make every plasma weapon in the game feel better than it does now. The Pulse Carbine might actually become viable, since more projectiles will land and enemies won’t be able to instantly duck behind cover like they can on most maps. The Ravager may actually be viable as more than “the plasma pistol that actually works”. The Stalker… Might become a bit OP but at least it would finally justify it’s supposed sandbox equivalency to the Shock Rifle. And the Plasma Pistol’s biggest non-desync related issue, keeping track of a moving player while firing semi-automatically being incredibly difficult, will become just a tad easier to do.

Heck, Plasma could even become a viable Sword and Hammer counter with plasma stun, since it would keep them from closing the gap as quickly.

I mean I can pretty much already do that on Halo 5 with much better weapon choices.

Could have just summed it up with “let another studio handle Halo from now on”

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It’s not really the devs that need to go, it’s the 343 management as well as the microsoft management that needs an overhaul to actually competent people who understand how difficult game design actually is.

I still believe the developers of 343 can pump out a good Halo game, but not as long as they are run by sub-par management.


This is truth. And with it, as pessimistic as I am towards the current situation, I truly believe that over time this will become a good game. It’s just gonna take a long time like MCC. Due to a mix of anti consumerist management and a not so competent dev team, it’s gonna be a long haul

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Most of them have the same overarching issues. The problems are endemic to the gaming industry as a whole. Until that changes, nothing will ever be as good as we want it to be.

Out of all the EMP-capable weapons (across any Halo), which one(s) do you think are the most/least balanced and why? And by “balanced” that can include all of the functions of the item, not just the method in which it EMP’d.

Ex: Armor Lock was also a health buff and a mobility nerf.

Here’s a list of every EMP weapon/item (from the game it was introduced in) so we’re on the same page:


Plasma Pistol
Power Drain


Grenade Launcher
Armor Lock


Pulse/Splinter Grenades


Tier 3 Hydra - Echidna


Shock Rifle
Dynamo Grenade
Shock Coil

Whether or not EMP is balanced in a Halo game has more to do with its accessibility than the source itself.

For example, I think EMP was very balanced in Halo 3, Reach, and 5, but that it wasn’t in 4. Being able to spawn with the Plasma Pistol was extremely disruptive to vehicle play. And while you could spawn with Armor Lock in Reach, it required the vehicle to get extremely close to actually EMP them, and considering you could destroy vehicles with Armor Lock if they smash into you, and that’s the only reason they would even get that close to you, it was almost never actually effective for EMPing.

Infinite also has a lot EMP options already, which is a big reason I don’t want Plasma Pistol’s to get it back. Having two weapons and a grenade that already EMP natively is a lot. Especially when compared to items from past games, the ones in Infinite are much more powerful for their EMP potential. Like the Shock Rifle, which can easily EMP at any range with line of sight, and capitalize on an EMP by headshotting the passengers while they can’t move, as opposed to the Grenade Launcher which required far more thoughtful aim, couldn’t emp if you didn’t have time to “charge” it up close, and couldn’t reliably follow up on an EMP without the help of your second weapon. And the Shock Grenades, which can EMP at any point of contact with the vehicle, not just on a direct impact like the splinter grenades, and are much more available, and numerous than the Power Drain, which you only got one of at a time, had fewer, often only one or two spawn locations on a map, and respawned slower than grenades do. And then of course the disruptor which may take longer than a Plasma Pistol to EMP a target, but can do it at virtually any range so long as you maintain line of sight, Plasma Pistols were only really effective for EMPing at mid-close ranges.

I’d actually argue removing EMP from one of the shock weapons and still not giving it back to the Plasma Pistol would be better than what we have now.

This was a great response and you hit every point I hoped you would.

Agree 99%. The 1% is that the source is still incredibly important and I’ll get to that later.

Agreed. If I had to order the EMP sandbox from best to worst, I’d go: Reach, 3, 5, 4, Infinite. H4’s loadouts made it impossible to know how many Plasma Pistols were in play. This sort of randomness has plagued 343’s Halos since H4. Loadouts and kill streaks in 4, Requisitions in 5, and now Ordinance and Spawn Pads in Infinite.

I understand this sentiment, but the sandbox as a whole is irrelevant. What really matters is map-to-map sandboxes. That is: The Sandbox is only as good as its maps. It’s not static. A shotgun may be powerful on a small map like Live Fire, but struggle on BTB map like Deadlock. 343 has the power to properly curate a balanced experience, but instead they’ve opted for randomness. So now one match on Deadlock can be dominated by Warthogs because the pads are filled with Manglers and Stalker Rifles, but a match on the same map turns into the 9th Circle of Heck for vehicles because Shock Weapons and Skewers are everywhere. Finally, the location in which these things spawn matters. If the Dynamos on Deadlock spawned more toward the middle or were on the same side of the map vehicle mobility might not be so hampered (side note: narrow vehicle lanes are also a problem).

Basically, all these EMP weapons don’t have to be on the map at the same time, especially if there’s an EMP balancing problem.

A lot of good points here, which begs the question: What makes an EMP weapon healthy?

Range? The Shock Rifle’s long range vs the Grenade Launcher’s short.

Time? The Plasma Pistol’s charge time versus the Disruptor’s requirement to land multiple shots? What about EMP time? Dynamos last for a few seconds + the lingering EMP effect after they’ve disappeared.

Ammo? The Plasma Pistol and Grenade Launcher need to vent/reload after each attempt, but the Shock Rifle can EMP twice before needing to reload.

Weapon Type? The Power Drain is equipment. You don’t have to sacrifice a weapon to carry it. The plasma pistol forces you to carry it as a “weaker” gun and limits what other guns you should carry with it. A Sword and a Plasma Pistol is not a good combo for instance.

The ability to Follow-up? Part of what made the Plasma Pistol so balanced was that it couldn’t do the job alone, so carrying a complimentary weapon was crucial. The Plasma Pistol is defined by its ability to set up kills or opportunities. H3 simply extended those opportunities to vehicles and hijacks. Even the Dynamos still required a gun to finish the job.

The EMP weapons that I think follow these pillars the best are the Plasma Pistol, Grenade Launcher, and Shock Coil.

So, I’m of the opinion that the Plasma Pistol should regain its EMP, while the Dynamos and map spawns are rearranged, and the Shock Rifle and Disruptor are seriously rethought in how they deliver EMPs.

And as for Armor Lock… I listed it mostly for accuracy, but also because it’s a good example for why Swiss Army abilities are hard to balance. If it was just temporary, immobile invincibility, then it may have been less annoying. But instead Bungie added EMP and Damage Reflection for some ungodly reason and we ended up with… that.