Gonna say it: Not a huge fan of Halo 3's story

Halo 3 came out nearly 11 years ago, and like everybody, I love the game. However, my biggest issue with the game is the story. I don’t think that Halo 3 has a particularly strong script. Yes, there’s some amazing moments in there. However, for me the bad outweighs the good. There’s no real depth, development, or struggle with any of the characters, they’re all simply following the plot, not getting to have moments for us to care about them even more. The characters generally get really badass moments, but the characters don’t go through struggles and we don’t get moments that make us care more about them. Then there’s stuff like if the Gravemind could reach over to the Citadel control center as we see after Truth dies, why did he need to ally with Chief and Thel? There’s other stuff, but I’m gonna keep it short. Like I said, I love Halo 3, but I think the story is sorta mediocre, what’d you think about the story in it?

I really liked it, but to each his own, I guess. I though the story was great for what it was and did a superb job of ending the trilogy. Granted, it could feel…stretched at times since Bungie were trying to tie ALL loose threads up before the credits roll: stop the Halos (or, you know, fire one just a little bit), end the Covenant, deal with your “totes not gonna flip out and try to kill you, Reclaimer” Monitor buddy, and stop the Flood. Still they did a admirable job at it, IMO. As for the Gravemind needing help: he could wipe the floor with the remaining Covenant forces covering Truth on his own, but he needed the Chief to stop the activation process for the rings (only Reclaimers/Forerunners can do that, remember?).

I think you can look at the plot in a different way. Remember the “Believe” trailer? With the Raindrop Prelude background music? I invite you to watch it again. Look at the faces of the Marines, engage in the hopelessness. Then when all is lost, there’s the Chief.

Halo 3 is the Chief’s journey to becoming the true and only saviour of Earth. To facilitate this journey, you have the Marines who come fully back into play for the Chief to save on an ongoing basis, and you have Johnson and Keyes, who die to leave the Chief the only saviour standing. No development or struggle?? Man, I think that’s pretty harsh. Keyes comes from nowhere to develop into a character you were sad about losing. Johnson - well if you weren’t sad when he got burned up, you’re just heartless. And no struggle?? Play on Legendary and face wave after insurmountable wave of enemy that the Chief has to destroy to save the planet and to save Cortana.
The other plot stuff, no matter how large, is entirely secondary to the Chief’s transition from super-soldier to saviour of humanity. Of course he saved the galaxy in the first game, but Halo 3 is where he really comes into his own as a destroyer of Covenant armies, indeed a destroyer of the Covenant, and the saviour of all.

What a -Yoinking!- hero. I wasn’t even going to buy Halo 3. I figured I didn’t need to spend money on a new Xbox at the time and I’d wait for the price of both console and game to come down. Then I saw the trailer and I bought the Xbox off a dude on Gumtree immediately, and bought the game from a 24hr store.

Halo 3 certainly did not have exceptional plot but I think the campaign in other parts was so great that it did not matter that much. Halo 4 had better story in my opinion but the campaign as whole was not even close as good

I think Halo 3’s plot treaded water until the arrival on the Ark, but then kicked into gear and finished the trilogy exceptionally well. The ending could have been a finale to the franchise, as far as I’m concerned.

I also really love the opening cutscene.

There was definitely some bad -Yoink- in there, though. Everytging Miranda Keys did, for instance.

There is no problem with disliking something good so long as you recognize that it is good.

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> Halo 3 certainly did not have exceptional plot but I think the campaign in other parts was so great that it did not matter that much. Halo 4 had better story in my opinion but the campaign as whole was not even close as good

100%. I enjoyed both, but I loved played Halo 3. Was gutted when it was over. So immersive and atmospheric. Fantastic game.

Halo 3 is the weakest of the original games when it comes to plot, it is true, but you’re gonna face a very stiff wall of NO when trying to address the issues simply because at the time, it was considered perfect.

As said, Halo 3 suffers from being rushed in the story department. Namely with Miranda Keyes. Changing her voice was a mistake, and she gets the absolute worst lines in the game and her VA is just not on the same level as the character’s previous VA from Halo 2. And when you hit the Ark, it seems like they tried to condense about four levels into two, and The Covenant is the most disappointing level in the entire trilogy, especially once the Flood shows up and robs the player of the chance to personally Finish the Fight against the enemy faction that we’ve loved to hate since Halo 1.

And then the rest of the game is focused on the Flood and it’s awful combat gameplay. Cortana is the worst level of the franchise as it’s a largely filler level that is hit with several long, unavoidable gameplay slow downs with the Gravemind moments. The Flood is and never was a fun enemy to fight, there’s no real change in that here, and the level design is just awful. It is the definition of a hallway shooter. It doesn’t even have anything interesting to draw your eye away from the bland flesh mass covering the once intricate and ornate Covenant designs.

Overall, Halo could have use about four more levels, another editing job on the plot, and better voice direction.

Halo 3’s plot is definitely one of the weakest among the games, but people look past that because the campaign is deemed the most fun and Bungie nailed the ending.

Yea, I love Halo 3 as much as the next person , but compared to Halo 2 or Halo 4’s story, it’s not very strong and the dialogue is boring.

I love Halo 3, it has my third favourite campaign out of all of the Halo’s, but I really don’t like how they watered so much down in terms of characters. Johnson isn’t light-hearted and funny anymore, Truth is just some maniacal cartoon villain now, same with Gravemind, The Arbiter is a sidekick for a big chunk of the game, though the part where he kills Truth is great. And Miranda Keyes…? I don’t even have to say anything there.

The Battle of the Ark should have been longer than two levels, I found it underwhelming. Johnson and Keyes’ deaths still feel forced. It’s not even the fact that they did die, more how they died. I don’t care much that Johnson got killed by Guilty Spark, but I think it would’ve been much more fitting for him to die with other marines in a big firefight. He was a marine through and through, he should’ve died in the heat of combat. Imagine if Spark gets a bunch of Sentinels to come and fight you, Arbiter, Johnson and some other marines in the control room, leading to a giant final battle, where Johnson is killed, surrounded by his fellow marines, Chief, Cortana and the Arbiter.

That would have been so fun, especially with the Warthog run right after it. As for Miranda, come on, I know she probably had no choice to attack alone, but still… crashing your Pelican inside? That isn’t even reasonable. Have her kill all of the Brutes with the Pelican’s weapons, Truth gets out of the way in time. Then when she comes in, expecting it to be easy to kill one Prophet, he pops up and shoots her. Then there’s the Gravemind, who is just an idiot now.

Chief and the Arbiter were easily able to escape twice from him. The first, he knocks them off the Pelican after Truth is dead with his tentacles… then just stops and lets the combat forms finish them off. The second, he just gives up trying to grab their Pelican and lets them get away. Why not have a mini-boss thing, where he tries to crush you, or bring down the platforms you’re standing on, then the second time, you have to shoot or destroy his tentacles?

Aside from all of that, and the Cortana and Gravemind bits, which stop the entire game, there is virtually nothing wrong with Halo 3, in my opinion. I thought even with it’s flaws, it was a satisfying, emotional and epic finale to my favourite trilogy of all time.