Gonna keep suggesting removal of "Upcoming Weekly" system until they change it

My entire suggestion is to separate the two so they don’t even have to bother with the Event for normal progression. Current Event challenges get choked up with normal progression and vice versa. It’s not a good system period.

Did you perhaps miss the point where I mentioned simply giving everyone the Fracture Core on logging in during Event period and using the Event Core as the progression base simply by playing and completing games?

Then if the current lineup doesn’t interest them at all, they won’t bother grinding it. If there are future cosmetics in a repeat Event then they would have the Core ready to wear and play.

It’s more mind boggling that people rather suck their thumbs with the poor system we have in place rather than brainstorm better ones and push it to 343. If you have a better idea, please share it. I’m not a genius and I may not have the best ideas.

I did.

And none of the mediocre pieces, only the bad ones which would be further discouragement.

The only reason they designed such an archaic system is so they can monetize it and sell challenge swaps and exp boosts. I am 100% sure of this. It’s also why they made some challanges as convoluted as possible, like the infamous “stop an enemy killing spree”. It was simply to encourage you even further to buy the swap. I think they just didn’t expect the feedback to be so bad.

They already have a point system during the matches and medals. The most obvious and simple progression system would be for you to gain experience points based on the medals and points gained during that match.

Modern gaming became 100% a business vs when studios also made it for the art of it and took pride in delivering an actual fun, completed game. The more people accept and excuse this “create problems so you can buy the solution” game philosophy, companies will just became even more predatory.

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