Gonna keep suggesting removal of "Upcoming Weekly" system until they change it

Title says it all.

The Weekly Upcoming system serves only to gate and infuriate players and delay their progression by forcing them to populate other modes. This is made even worse when an Event swings around and starts staggering the already atrocious lineup of Challenges.

Problems that arise are as such:

  • Forcing players to populate different modes during an Event will draw population away from the Event playlist

  • Forcing players to populate empty playlists while everyone is enjoying the Event leads to 5min queue times while waiting to clear challenges

  • Event challenges are stuck because you cannot clear challenges thanks to the two points above

  • Overall player experience is diminished significantly when trying to play the Event

  • Players play selfishly in order to clear challenges in Event modes due to the increased desire to knock out as many challenges as possible per match instead of being rewarded for playing the objective or playing for the benefit of the team

  • The point above occurs because players do not wish to have choking of Challenges down the list

Remove “Upcoming Challenges” feature.


I feel like I should also suggest a system which I have come up with after browsing through ideas brought up before by other users which could greatly improve Event progression and user experience.

  • Players are given the [Event Fracture Core] on logging in.
  • Players earn [Event XP] when playing games with the [Event Fracture Core] equipped. (100XP per completed game)
  • Progression for Events will give 1 Tier Progression every 1000 [Event XP]
  • [Event XP Playlist] will provide playlists with alterations to better suit the Event theme and will grant +50 Bonus [Event XP] per match completion
  • [Event XP] does not provide progression to Main Seasonal Battlepass
  • Excess [Event XP] after finishing all 30 tiers of the Event will provide progression to Main Seasonal Battlepass

Better yet, delete the challenge system as we know it and make them challenges that everyone has like in MCC.


The only suggestion they’ll consider is remove all challenges and make everything purchasable in the shop. Either way, you’re going to pay… Lol


I have said this a few times tonight - at one point none of my active challenges were for the event.

I have one now

  • get 50 kills.

My other three:

  • play 5 Fiesta
  • play 5 Team Slayer
  • cumulative 2K Quickplay

Not terrible challenges. Things I would enjoy on a regular week for sure.

The things is that’s 11-12 matches out of the event. But I figured I’d do those challenges so I could stack more event challenges. I just need to play one more of each - just waiting to use a 2XP tomorrow to finish them off.

I think all of the event challenges typically give you more XP.

I know what you’re saying - I’m just saying.

I think you’re right.

I thought you were suggesting everything was XP based - pass and events alike - and you would just get more XP during events.

Like a double XP week if you play the new mode.

@pervadiso @Byron_072
I have added suggestions to change Event progression in the main post.

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At the very least, the challenges need to be way easier to complete. Things like

-Making all challenges completable in Bot matches.
-More Cumulative score challenges (decrease the amount of “Kill with specific weapons” challenges).
-More “Complete X Matches” challenges (decrease amount of “Win X Matches” to maybe one per week).
-More “Kill X amount of Spartans” challenges available in Bot matches.

Simple things like this could greatly improve player engagement and make the challenge system a lot more flexible. And they’re simple changes too.


I’d much rather they straight up made a PvE mode and get players to complete challenges there instead.
Things like “Play x Firefight/Warzone” matches. And allow weapon challenges in those modes since you will be fighting bots with more sandbox possiblity.

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No, the point is to get people using the Core for the duration of the Event. Then you can get some “Event spirit” going on. Other games do this to great effect, like Santa hats for christmas just as an example.

You’re an optimist, OP’s a realist.

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I cant disagree with the fact that it wont happen anytime soon…

and my axe… wait what? The entire progression system needs a complete reboot and the person in charge of the current one needs to go very, very far away.

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why god why emoji disintegrating meme

Yes I really wish 343 would stop pretending that PvE fans don’t exist besides the campaign


No it’s not a problem at all, because if people refuse to wear the core, then maybe they just don’t like the core, so it wouldn’t matter to them ANYWAY.

So if you don’t even wanna wear the core, why bother unlocking anything for it? If you wanna be a collector, then wear the core. And 343 explicitly stated that Fracture cores/ Non canon cores will NOT be cross core. Your argument is ridiculous.

On one hand it isn’t convenient. On the other hand it encourages I play different modes to stack or finish different challenges, so that’s pretty cool.

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TBF, some players will participate in the fracture event having no love for the armor core just to get the challenges out of the way to earn the weekly reward and / or to earn XP to level through the paid season pass. I completed the Tenrai event with no intention of wearing the Yoroi armor ever.


yeah same with this one

Dieselpunk/Atompunk doesn’t really do it for me.

Wake me when they get the Drengr stuff, haha.

Thank you, I want to report this problem too.
Stuck in a Challenge is frustrating… not because I can’t finish it.
But the game won’t let me finish it.

Bad take, maybe something will come along for an older core and it’ll change their mind, then they will regret refusing to be stripped down to armor F2P noob status.

You are actively begging for 343 to be worse and its mind boggling

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