Gonna buy a controller I think

Playing with a kbm is like purposefully handicapping yourself…


Controller isn’t that much better. I’d buy just a basic one until aim assist, aiming mechanics, and hit registration are all fixed. Then buy a dope scuf or something.


Oh those ones with the button on the back side! That would be awesome to have

Yeah, I bought an elite 2 for 140 on the MS store. Paddles are sick once you get used to them.


Loving the Elite II.

I need all the help I can get… and having it set up so my thumbs stay on the sticks all the time helps me a lot.

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It’s painful watching HCS “pros” play with a controller. Gross, no thanks.


Yea it’s honestly disgraceful that controller is the “best” way to play because the aim assist is so high. They’ve literally posted stats showing that the average controller player has the accuracy of top 100 mnk players right now. WHAT THE ACTUAL F***. Please read what I just wrote again. TOP 100 mnk players at the same level as AVERAGE controller player because of aim assist. Stupid.

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Get the elite controller.

I use all four paddles

With aim assist and paddles and Mnk will struggle against me.

I mean. It’s literally Halo. A game that was built with controllers Iin mind

Because of the aim assist?


Halo has always been played with controller

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Imagine what it would be like if aim assist actually worked too? Either way though Halo is a controller game. Always has been and always should be.

I play stick mouse, but I switch to normal controller when a challenge requires perfects and headshots. Aim assist can’t be beat, especially considering the terrible hit registration in this game. If they do eventually fix the game, and you want to return to mouse aiming, but found you like thumbstick movement better than WASD, I recommend a controller mouse setup or a thumbstick keyboard.

You don’t even need to shell out that much. With a $30 PowerA enhanced controller you get two back buttons, which means the only things you need to use face buttons for are reload and equip/vent. Still not as good as four paddles, but does the job on the cheap.

True but tbh I think all four paddles on the elite are worth it. They changed my gameplay for the better because I no longer take my thumb off the stick.

I was a god in halo 5 with the ground pound. I was third in the world at one time for ground pounds. I was able to pull off any moves the fastest. I also also able to glitch the game because of buttons being pressed in sussession. I’m doing the same thing now and getting super slides. The super slide isn’t as powerful as Halo 5s was but there’s deff moves in this game that can only be accessed if you don’t take your thumb off the stick

Aim assist is strong on a Pc Controller.

This really needs to stop being said. This was true for Halo CE in 2001. it’s funny when controller players say this and then go off about how hard it is to turn with a stick, the irony is so great.

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Yes, because of the aim assist. I’m more interested in watching players play with raw input vs machine assisted input.

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Maybe they could disable aim assist in Ranked, and then do the same for tournaments.
Still, even with aim assist, they are competing with each other using more than that.

They can’t though. Already too many bad players that can’t hit the broad side of a barn with the current hand holding levels of AA.