Gonna be taking a break from infinite, gonna play MCC for until aiming is fixed

Make aiming easier. Its ridiculous how different the aiming is from H3 to infinite.

Use a mouse and keyboard and stop whining. If you can’t play with the massive amount of aim assist on controller in this game, you shouldn’t be playing.

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I went YouTube to look at the settings for controller. I changed the look acceleration to 5 and the sensitivity to 10 a piece.

I went from struggling to get kills like I used to in previous Halos, to now feeling much more like it used to and my KDA went up by 7.0.

Once you figure the settings out for yourself, the game came to me.

The settings its starts on aren’t right for ex Halo players at all.

What are you talking about I’m pretty sure infinite has way less aim assist than any other halo

Once again: imagine aiming in a shooter.

Halo 3 (even if I love it) has WAY TOO MUCH aim assist, you practically lock into player. Your suggestion is asking 343 to remove a key feature of the game.

What I can suggest is that you start playing with the sensibility. MnK player always have to change this settings until we found our “sweet spot”. It is try and error


3 acceleration
7 Y
7 X

Move thumbstick


Aim thumbstick:


These settings make aiming and movement absolutely flawless for me. before this the aiming felt absolutely dreadful.