Gondola (Halo 5 Forged Map)

This map has a king of the hill feel and motive to it with it’s building, the Stage, in the middle being the focus point. It also has the setting and feel of an Italian waterway with a halo 5 twist added. It includes 4 bridges that all lead to the Stage and buildings outlining the map for quick cover and useful strategic shooting points. I would like to say that this map can handle a game of 8v8. (I like to have my maps very intense and active so this is why i say such a number). With it’s square shape this map is very easy to navigate and will offer easy face offs to other players. Any feedback is much appreciated and i would love to here also if you enjoyed it. Thanks for the time you took to read this and enjoy the map.

Thanks fellas -Bill Will Kill6

YouTube Video Above.

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