Golf Clubs in Forge?

With the recent community update, is it pretty much confirmed that golf clubs are going to be a returning weapon usable in Forge as well with the GRD plushie that was an easter egg in the CE:Anniversary maps? It was also always funny using those in Firefight to kill everything.

I wish they would add golf balls… in fact all the crazy game modes -Yoink- well. I really miss playing side ball from reach.

Anyone remember Halo ball? Shoot, was that one for Halo Reach or Halo 4? I can’t remember, but it was fun trying to hit golfballs into team goals. Maybe to add some variety to Grifball instead of having a Grifball playlist they have a Halo Sports playlist with things like Grifball, Haloball, Hockey, and other such gametypes.

can’t wait for the golf club assassination! :slight_smile:

The Golf Club should be a mythic REQ for Warzone! Because reasons.