Goldeneye 007 for GamePass

Saw the announcement for Goldeneye on gamepass today and somehow got nostalgic about Halo CE. I loved Goldeneye and played the :poop: out of it but I also think it’s what made Halo such a breakthrough game. To go from Goldeneye to Halo CE with only 2 weapons, grenades, melee, co-op, vehicles (with a chain gun in the back?!?!)…. 2001 me = Mind blown :exploding_head:


i know im excited to try out 007 on game pass!!!

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Only downside to Goldeneye on Gamepass is it won’t have online multiplayer. I plan on unlocking all the cheats before playing multiplayer, so who knows maybe a post-launch patch will add it in later.

I don’t have game pass so I was looking forward to buying this, then I read that if you own the digital copy of “Rare Replay” you get it for free. Result, as I own a digital copy :+1:

I agree with the post about play Goldeneye then followed by CE. What an eye opening experience with the vistas in CE.

Goldeneye has some really memorable design too. The dam and those towers. I remember one map that was on a boat. Can’t wait to share this game with my godson.