Golden Gun Mode?

I just wanted to know if it is possible to make a golden gun game mode like in Goldeneye.

I’m a real amateur with forge, and I’d like some guidance. I know it is possible to glitch a golden weapon (see youtube), but is it possible to change its stats and other properties? Also, how can I make the player turn gold too? If you’ve played grifball you’d understand.

I don’t think it’s possible with default Halo 4 settings.

Now, unconventional means is a different story but we’re not supposed to talk about that on waypoint, sorry.

I think, perhaps, there is a way you could do it. Theoretically speaking, Regicide (although juggernaut would work better, but we don’t have that.) could be used to alter king traits and give him a pistol. What you could then do is set it so the king turned yellow, and had a 1 shot kill magnum.

Unfortunately, you wouldn’t be able to set it so there was only one bullet in the magnum.

It’d be a difficult thing to create. Likely impossible by default Halo 4 settings.