Gold REQ Packs not available to open

I just bought a bundle of 5 Gold REQ Packs at the discounted $12.46 (+ tax), but after I paid for them, I couldn’t open them. I looked in the “Open Packs” tab, but there was nothing there. After closing the game and opening it up again, turning off the Xbox and turning it on again, doing both those things multiple time, turning off the Xbox, waiting ten minutes, then turning it on again, turning off the Xbox, waiting ANOTHER 10 minutes, then turning it on again, turning it off, waiting 40 minutes, then turning it on gain, hard reseting, coming back to a “REQ SERVICE UNAVAILABLE” warning, turning off the Xbox again, turning it on again, and checking the REQ tab, they still weren’t there. After that, I decided to buy a single Gold Pack at the discounted ~$2.48 (+ tax) in the hopes that it would trigger the other packs to open, and the single pack I bought opened immediately, but I was still missing the 5 Packs I ordered earlier. During that whole hour-long process described above, I checked my Halo 5 Service Record multiple times, but it still said I had no packs. What do?

There is a glitch causing this. I recommend pm’ing stckrboy. He is a moderator and I have seen him post regarding this issue. He may have the latest information.

Thanks, will do.

Has your card / account definitely been charged the money OP? If it has and the packs haven’t shown up after a hard reset or appeared here on Waypoint (Service Record - > Requisitions -> Unopened Packs), I’m afraid this then goes beyond what I’m capable of doing.

It’s weird that I am bringing up this dead thread now, months after all discussion has ended, but I just wanted to say that, a couple days ago, ~4 months after I made the purchase of the 5 Gold REQ pack bundle, I got them. 4 months. Weird.