Gold REQ bundle issue

I recently bought a gold REQ bundle and wile it was in the middle of the transaction My xbox froze I thought ok Maby if still worked got back on and dident have the REQ packs so I went to go try again and befor I did I checked my bank to make sure I wasent charged to find out I was so I had bought the bundle but dident get the REQ packs I can’t find a cantact link anyware to cantact support so if someone could help out with my issue that would be grate

I had the same problem purchasing a REQ bundle. I reached out to Xbox Support Chat. They forwarded my issue to Xbox Advocacy Team. I got a callback within three days. They hooked me up for the trouble.

Ty twisted I appreciate the info

There is a possibility that opening animation was skipped and you actually got some REQs. You can double check here on Waypoint to see if there are any unopened packs. It might be pretty tough to identify New REQs so I’m hoping 343 add a recently added REQs section:)