Gold Pro Finals Broadcast (Comp Tournament)

Right,here are the Gold Pro Finals, the tournament I run last month. 48 teams over 2 tournaments competed, featuring multiple top players, here we are down to the last 4.

The settings used are V3 of Gold Pro. We took the feedback from the tournament, and applied it to V4.3, (such as solace, EXT timers etc, a novel concept) check them out here and get testing, we have Bravo’'s attention now.

We will be running a 2s and another 4s tourney soon so help us out.

Both games are commented by Flameshy. At short notice, he was able to commentate both series, and has just started out commentating, so give him a follow/subscribe for his various things…
@Flameshy - And leave some feedback for him as well, he’s quite eager, enthuastic and wants to get better


Deception (England and Malta) vs Otown Army (Netherlands) in a best of 7 series

North America

Notes (Hard drive crashed so less POVS for game 1. Flameshys laptop went mental in game 4, so less commentary. Yes we have fixed the timers for 2 plot ext)



So, leave feedback for the settings, my video editing too please, and anything else you can think of.

For more tournaments, give me a follow @DojuGaming and suscribe to that Youtube channel. Help spread the word and share out the video, Im working hard to provide good settings for multiple forms of the game (4’s, soon to be 2’s, then 1s)

Settings can be downloaded from my gamertag - D0ju

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Also any feedback for the video editing which I did would be great too.