Gold/platinum player need people to play with

None of my friends play halo seriously they just half as play when were on so id like group that tries harder but ain’t sweaty about it lol I just started streaming, been playing since halo 3 beat every halo game made besides wars, im on discord and all that too hmu

Send a friend request my way!
(Diamond 1)

Whats your gamertag ?

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My username

Added, when you wanna hop on?

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What time do you usually get on? I’m on east coast but I’m in the same situation :upside_down_face:

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Dude im on whenever. Please add me M Fawn R

I’m a Gold 6. Feel free to add me. Probably will take a break from ranked for a while as I am playing the campaign.

Hit me up.

My XBLGT: spicybazzle

I just recently hit Diamond 1, but am always down to have friends to play Halo with.