COPIED FROM DaxSeven09’s post for London Finals
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Are you ready for some easy Gold and Plat pack codes? Included in this OP is all the information you will need. Please take a moment to read before posting.

  • Make sure to Follow this thread, literally. - The codes are given out during the HaloWC Sydney Finals stream. - Where to watch: Halo is on Facebook Gaming,,, with / on Sunday only. - ONLY post codes here. - Pay attention to the time the first code, in a series of codes, is posted. You will have 5-20 minutes to redeem. The forum members watching the stream are on the ball when posting the codes. - Redeem codes here: **The Redeem Code section is not visible until the tournament has started.**When you “follow” the thread you will see a notification when someone posts a code (as long as you have that selected in your profile settings). That way all you have to do is periodically refresh the forums and you’ll see the code.During the tournament there is, on average, one code posted between every set of matches which is about one every 1-2 hours. Sometimes there will be a code posted in close succession to each other. There really is no way to know how many codes will be given out.This is the easiest way to obtain “free” gold and platinum packs. You don’t even have to watch the stream, although I would recommend it since it’s good Halo. Thank you to everyone who participates, and good luck with the code hunting!