Gold Pack Bundles

Upon release of Halo 5 and the new REQ system alot of people have had complaints about the way people can buy REQ packs with real money. I had no problem with this as earning the REQ packs was easy at first however with the introduction of these new gold pack bundles I do have a big problem with those. First off they give you several free REQ packs when buying those, and second there’s no way to earn them with REQ points…very disappointing. Ever since the release of these gold pack bundles I have had several games where enemy calls in countless scorpions, phaetons, and mantiss (plural of mantis? mantisses? Mantii?) I understand the fact that people need to earn their REQ levels in order to get these things but when they constantly have many tanks to spare and they just keep calling them in…it gets a bit ridiculous. I think 343 should take these packs away. Upon launch many people said Warzone was pay to win, I have to disagree, the REQ packs allowed on launch were fine, but these gold bundles that allow people to get extra free REQ packs…this needs to go.

You still need the points availabe in match to get said tank. They cant just keep calling em in except in rare cases. Its fine.

Does anybody know if these gold bundle packs will be permanent?

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> You still need the points available in match to get said tank. They cant just keep calling em in except in rare cases. Its fine.

Also you can use a plasma pistol to disable them or a BR in their respective weak spots.

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> Does anybody know if these gold bundle packs will be permanent?

I’d only like them to stay if we could buy them with req points. I hope they go or allow us to use req points

I think the whole micro transactions thing needs to go. Part of what I loved about Reach was it took me nearly 2 years to hit Inheritor, that’s 2 years of unlocks and things to work for. Yeah I know I don’t have to buy REQ packs and I’m not going to, and I understand the whole thing of “it’s good for those that don’t want to grind the game for unlocks” but I just think the Reach system was better, the more you played the better your armour etc. Just ranking up a number seems a little empty. It also bothers me in the underlying issue that it’s a mild form of gambling, not anywhere as bad as Destiny but it’s still there. Just my 2 cents

With good teamwork & strategy as well as some focused fire, it isn’t too hard to stop a team with a lot of tanks. Now, that is hard to pull off when playing with a bunch of randoms, so make sure you have a good stockpile of heavy weapons like rockets, spartan lasers, railguns, turrets, and fuel rods in order to take them out!

They don’t matter.

It’s a good idea for their championship pot right now but it’s a terrible idea for Halo 5 players who don’t have the funds to pay to win. At least being able to earn these for some ridiculous amount of Req points would make more sense. Now in Warzone we’re going to have people that are able to call in whatever tanky vehicle or OP weapon they please - granted their Req level allows them. I know a lot of people don’t see it that way, but it’s a possible truth that can really lessen the fun and challenge in Warzone.

Up to a certain point, I agree with OP. I bought the $19.99 gold pack and got lots of power weapons and vehicles. But I really needed these cause I always felt I was fighting against better weaponry than mine. Maybe I didn’t select the weapons I had properly. But now I feel that I have a better chance of winning at least a couple of matches. By the way, I didn’t get one Legendary card. But I did get lots of certifications.

Gold pack bundles = money grabbing game developer = just another reason to hate 343i.

The simple solution is to just not buy into their gravy train money making scheme. I find in game micro transactions like this disgusting and take advantage of the “must have” society. I feel sorry for the parents who will have kids asking for these to be bought or have their credit card details associated to their kids XBL account. Just my opinion.

It should be a similar situation like the warzone pack. Buy 1 an done type of deal. So if you are willing to cough up real coin once you make that purchase the system won’t allow you to buy it a second time.

It wasn’t p2w. It sure is now.
If you don’t see it, well then your blind.

I too am curious about the plural form of Mantis.