Going back to halo's roots

Hello everyone.
I have been a long time halo fan and with the upcoming halo 6 game I was wondering does anyone else think that the multiplayer should go back to its roots. For example I remember me and my friends would sit and play halo 3 multiplayer for hours, wheather it was split screen or over xbox live. Don’t get me wrong whilst I do enjoy halo 5 multiplayer I feel that the sprint, ADS, and Spartan abilities take away the feeling of a halo game to be it feels like just another call of duty at times. I feel like that if halo 6 was to adopt a halo 3 type multiplayer it would bring back many of the long time fans. Another option would be to have a playlist that involes the multiplayer without the sprint, ADS and Spartan abblities. I would be intrested in hearing some of your thoughts on this.

There are plenty of Halo 6, “What do you think” threads in GD you can use.