God I love Ninja Slayer

Seriously, high speed sword fights everywhere for everyone with nade explosions. Getting 25 kills and 15 deaths doesn’t hurt my morale, either.

What’s some more fun modes you’d like to include? How would you change your current favorite mode?

I feel like ninja slayer would probably benefit from having skewer as an option.


I really like Vampireball. I don’t think I’d change a thing.

I’d like to get BRs more frequently in SWAT - though the other modes have grown on me.


Would have been cool to see modes like this added to BTB with The Yappening. Didn’t really think Snipers and Shotty Snipers were crazy enough.

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I love to hear this!
I personally look forward to a BTB (24 player count) infection game mode/ playlist!

I love Ninja slayer but it’s difficult to fall on it in the playslit (god I so hate the playlist system !)


I love Ninja Slayer but due to the busted playlist odds in rumble pit I rarely ever get it.

Took me 30 games to find my first Ninja Slayer match no joke.


I agree

20 characters

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This is pure madness it took that many attempts.


i mean they are spartans

I’ve played about 40 matches in Rumble Pit and never got it. hope I get to try it out one day.

seems like I only get fiesta and oddball

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Makes me really look forward to custom game browser, man. I enjoy most rumble pit modes, but too much of it is just meeeeeehhhhhh.

Ouch, I am really sorry. Keep playing and hopefully you will get one!
:point_right:OUCH :point_left: