God Dammit!

My campaign got reset again!!!

I had this problem last month and I deleted my profile from my Xbox and transferred it back and when I logged on it got reset again. Can anyone help me with this problem.

Unfortunately, the only way is to replay it. Just run through it on Easy and it’ll be unlocked again.

That stinks. :frowning:

Did that last time but it keeps on getting reset. thanks for Ur help anyway

Hmm, that’s really strange. I really have no other advice, I’ve had it happen a few times for me but not repeatedly. :frowning:

Never happened to me, but I understand how frustrating that is. Speaking of campaign bugs, I went into New Alexandria, Split Screen, and my Knee Guards were gone, so were my shoulders, and my chest piece. But my robot arm was still there, so I had Kats chest for a while.

Wierd things happen. Such is life.

thanks.if it happens again i might have to close my account or not play campaign.