go to weapon for halo 4

what will be your primary weapon of choice for halo 4 and what are your first thoughts of the in game footage for it

Carbine for small maps and the DMR for mid to big maps.

My first thoughts: the gameplay is not bad, but I would like to see more to judge it better.

CC is OP compared to the others IMO.

the carbine, just because it looks the best in my opinion.

my thoughts usually aren’t very accurate to the final product so I guess I’ll just wait and see until the game comes out to actually judge the game.

i’m going to go with the carbine, from what ive seen it’s just as beast as i remember. if only they left the br alone as well

I’m not sure yet, though it will most definitely rely on the map. For bigger maps, I believe I’ll use the DMR more often than not, and small-medium sized maps will have me using either the Carbine or BR with the Storm Rifle or Assault Rifle as a secondary.

yeah another transformers fan! i guess it’ll really depend on the maps. hopefully they will encourage a mix of gameplay to support all the guns

Covenant Carbine, why because I loved it in Halo 3 and I will still love it in halo 4

I have a funny feeling that are opinions will change because these guns with definitely be tweaked. I find the BR almost worthless right now.