Go Forth...

It’s kind of unreal when I think about it. Last year in June at the Electronics Expo, Halo 4 was officially announced to the world and set for release in Holiday 2012. The problem was that the old developer, Bungie, would not be creating this new entry within Halo’s captivating universe. Instead a new developer, under the name of 343 Industries, were tasked with Halo 4’s development, which frightened many die-hard fans.

Yet, at this point in time, those worries and fears have, more or less, been relieved. Hundreds of thousands of fans have gathered around to support Halo 4 and 343i.

From what seemed like forever from that first announcement to the time that we are at now, feels like it took a mere few minutes even though we’ve truly been waiting 5 years. The wait for one of the most anticipated games of 2012 is coming to a close. In less than 10 hours, the entire world will have access to Halo 4. New memories, friends, and creativity will ensue.

The Greatest Journey of CE-3 has officially come to a close, but an even Greater Journey is just about to begin, with Halo 4 as the starting point for the Reclaimer Trilogy. An Ancient Evil Awakens tonight. So wake up Spartans! Grab a weapon and go forth to start a new fight! And let’s make the most out of the next 10 years!