Go back to what made Halo great.

Dear 343,

When Halo first came onto the scene it was admired for it’s originality and for being something different. Halo CE was the start of a great journey, but Halo has never been about the story, it was and will always be about the multiplayer.

This may seem like another bash thread or something, but more then anything it’s a former die hard Halo fan’s last cry for help.

It sounds difficult and extremely risky to start the multiplayer from the ground up, but if done correctly, the fan following can return to what it used to be, a consistent 50-100k players worldwide and not the middling 100-1000 people per playlist.

What made Halo CE, Halo 2 and Halo 3’s multiplayers so great is that despite them having a large skill gap and extreme difficulty to master is that there was always something for everyone to do. The Ranked matches put skill against skill and beginners against beginners, the social matches were warmup games for some while for others it was a place to drive around in a warthog or pick up your buddy with the flag. There wasn’t too many things to balance.

So far this thread is very disorganized and very confusing, but I’m just trying to get a message out and this is just a spur of the moment thing.

Halo was a means of everyone starting as the same player, same weapons, same grenades, you don’t need various amount of customization to get the attention of fans. You fight for your area and you fight for the weapons and every overshield and camo was important.

The game’s general feel has gone from colorful to a dull grey.


A Halo Trilogy Fan

Sorry, stopped at “but Halo has never been about the story, it was and will always be about the multiplayer”.

They should be equally cared for. Pretty sure they have specific teams on specific parts. Like a campaign team and MP team, so they don’t have to sacrifice time to make one better than the other.

see, you mean, go back to what made halo great “in my opinion.” that’s the funny thing about personalities, the things you may hate, others think are great.

to be honest, though, I miss the old halo’s sometimes, too. it doesn’t mean I think the new ones are crap, but the older halo’s all had their own flavor to them. I wish they would bring back all the halo’s in their original glory (maybe hdified) and drop em on xbone. then we can play em all.

The only thing I don’t agree with is the idea that Halo has only ever been about multiplayer. Campaign is very important too, but I agree with the rest.

Halo was never about the story? Seriously? I have to disagree completely on that one. To me, and many other players, the story was the reason to buy the game, while multiplayer is what kept me playing. The story is why I bought Halo 4, as well as every other Halo game, and the story is the reason why I’m going to buy Halo 5, Halo 6, etc. Even if the multiplayer for those games aren’t up to par, I still want to experience the story for myself.

But I agree with the main idea of your post. Multiplayer is important, and they definitely need to go back to Halo’s roots. Halo 4 was a disappointment multiplayer-wise, since they decided to try to turn Halo into something it wasn’t designed to be. 343i should take a long look at what made Halo 1, 2 and 3 so popular to the fans, and what made Reach and 4 less so, then work off of that. Take Halo 3 as their base, then work on top of that. It’s what they should have done with Halo 4, which I hope they know now.

I get Halo for the story, I stay for the Multiplayer.

Simply put.