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I’ve whined about this before and I’m gonna whine about this again. Fix the melee. why tf does melee do full shield + % of health? I understand a damage buff with Banished weapons, and that’s fine and frankly like. however, why is it that any weapon still adds damage to health? no previous game has done this and I’ve been playing since 3 (I need to say this because the last time I spoke of this someone just went “lol it been like this since forever” when you can go on Halo 5, go into customs with a friend, and whack em at full shields and see no health goes down. or just go into a game on MCC and shoot them to low shield and hit them) Frankly it makes Shields useless as it was a buffer for melee. it gives you no time to react accordingly since you get no warning of if you need to back off or be more evasive during a firefight.


While it’s not true that in every Halo game, melee did more than a whole shield’s worth of damage, it has consistently done more in every single game starting with Halo 3, and in Halo 1 and 2, it did momentum based damage, so you would do more damage while moving quickly towards the target than you would stationary backpedalling. (Which is why melee was a 3 hit kill most of the time in those games).

The ONLY game where melee damage would not bleed through the shield, and damage health (regardless of whether there was a sliver of shield left) was Halo: Reach, and only on non-title update settings.

Aside from the lack of bleed through in Reach, melee has also always been capable of finishing players off at low shields, even if it hasn’t been broken yet.

So when you say OG melee, are you referring more to Halo 1 and 2’s, where you needed forward momentum to 2-punch kill? Or Halo Reach’s where melee damage would stop at a shield break, requiring a guaranteed 2 hits if their shield hasn’t broken yet?

Because Infinite’s melee damage is nearly, if not identical to Halo 3, 4, and 5.


I’ll get back to this. I want to run some tests on Friday to confirm all this before I answer definitively.

but to give an answer rn that’s a more level-headed answer (since my post came right after a match in the salt mines lol) I’ve always had to melee someone twice in halo, from 3, reach, 4, and 5. even when their shields were low. unless somehow for 10 years I’ve somehow only shot them just shy of killing them at low shields, I’ve always seen it as a 2 hit kill no matter what. though I’m not saying “if I have any % of shields, damage should not bleed into health” (as I might have come off as that). I’m talking if I hit you at full health and shields, only the shield should be broken. one way to look at it shields is a second health bar (so a spartan has 200% health). and melee takes 100% of a health bar. Halo 5 is a good example since you can see your health bar as well, and if I shoot your shields down to 50% and then hit you, you should have 50% health left. whereas it feels that Infinite feels like it’s 115%. I’ve been dunked on by melee before the low shields beeping sounds.

Edit: also want to add since I want to cover my bases, not talking about back smacks. that makes sense

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I too believe that melee should be the same across the board for a fps game. This different levels of melee damage and shot registration just doesn’t make sense to me. I simply do not like it.


Wasn’t the older Halo melee random on who got kill first?

Halo 1 2 and 3 have always been 2 melee punches for me unless it’s a back smack kill then it’s one hit.


holy crap. so is that the reason why some people can melee me once (when im fully shielded) and I die? because of the weapon they used? I had no idea.

Thay can jump over your head to get that back kill two.

Or they can you know just know hit you once with the Bulldog and then immediately follow it up with Melee to make the kill.

My biggest issue with the melee is the lunge. Lunging on LAN is still obnoxious as your targets seemingly teleport a few feet when you’re trying to hit them. Over the internet with more network latency, lunges cause players to teleport to and fro and jitter around as the server tries to figure out where people are. I wish lunging was significantly reduced and melee range was increased to compensate. Close quarters combat would be so much less chaotic and unpredictable.

My second issue is melee magnetism. Countless times I have melee’d just after my reticle leaves the target and it still gives me the beat down. That takes so much skill out of landing a melee and removes much of the possibility of dodging someone else’s.

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i like it how it is tbh

In Halo 1 and 2, it’s momentum based. If you melee while moving forward, and especially while dropping, you can do enough damage for a 2 hit kill. But if you’re stationary or backpedalling it will take 3.

From Halo 3 onward, melee damage was made static, I believe the exact value is that it does 70 damage (72 with Brute weapons) and it’s been left pretty much unchanged for the entire series since then.

Not all brute weapons. Spiker has the same melee damage as normal. Brute shot has increased damage i believe

Ok so I’m back from testing with my friend and it turns out…I was wrong. (kind of figured slightly with the in-depth answer, but I wanted to be sure lol)

We were able to test on MCC as he couldn’t get on his Xbox at this time to try on 5.

Reach didn’t have bleed at all on any shield lvl, as said, but with 3 and 4 with low sheilds melee does kill. When he’s able get on 5 we’ll see.

but I will say, I apologize for crying about this for a year, it seems I was just trash @ the game and didn’t notice (or maybe I put too much time in 5 and equate the entire series to that). and from here on out I’ll just do what I say to my friends; git gud

It’s hard to remember exactly. I know at least that the Mauler, and Spiker did have that extra 2 damage. But the number 90 is sticking out in my head associated with the Brute Shot. Thing I can’t remember is whether that was only in Halo 2, or it applied to 3. But I think in one of those games it did 90 damage.

I do know it was capable of killing in a single shot, and a melee in H3 despite being a 4 shot kill otherwise. But I don’t remember or even know if I ever tried one shotting with a Brute Shot and then swapping to a regular weapon, or another Brute weapon to see if it could kill in a melee as well.

No worries man! We aren’t all as familiar with Halo as some other people. I was extremely familiar with the mechanics of Halo up until H4, as it was the last game I really sunk significant amounts of time into. I couldn’t stand H5 though, and have barely touched Infinite since it came out because, like everyone else here, I have my own issues with it. So I’m sure others could give you more accurate info about those games.


I think in infinite the melee does way more than 70… not sure how much