Go away stop apologizing for 343 I don't give a crap

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Yall are all dumb, go away


There’s two ways up, the ramp and the crate on the opposite side to clamber up on.

Paired with the fact that tower is a grenade magnet it’s really not that broken.

Coordinate 2 players to attack on both sides and it’s ezpz


Functionality doesn’t make it good.

You can dislike the map, but I just shared 3 ways of approaching the tower that do work.

  • flank ramp
  • flank crate
  • grenade spam

You can also coordinate a rush with your team, and/or take both routes to pinch the tower player(s).

Rather than cast the map out entirely, just ask for some advice.


you wanna talk about bad map design? two of the maps are litteratly three lained maps: bazzar and streets


3 Lane maps are instantly bad. Midship is a 3 lane map. Guardian is a 3 lane map. Like Bazzar is a pretty solid map, all be it the spawns can really mess up the flow of the game. Streets is a fun map on certain modes in Ranked as long as youre not an IGN employee. As far as the map design goes, the designs are an improvement from Halo 5 and mostly an improvement from Halo 4 and Reach. Nothing thats going to become an instant classic though, and I’d stick with Halo 2 and 3 being the best games as far as map design.


I’m not a huge fan of the map, but I like the tower creating a “king of the hill” environment.

Also, you can grenade up there. There’s also an alternate path of by clambering.

I’d say Recharge qualifies as an instant classic. Otherwise they’re all just okay. Btw Midship and Guardian are two of the most beloved maps in Halo history.

I’ve found the tower to really only be a minor annoyance for oddball, otherwise it doesn’t see much action. A few grenades, a repulsor, or minimally skilled grappler can take care of a camper or two.

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Don’t forget that some variants of that map also have a rocket launcher.

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True true, and active camo/overshield are always guaranteed

There is 4 ways actually. Push from BR tower. Middle and OS side. You can also flank the tower from behind and use the jump up to contest.

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you mean the spot that has many ways to counter?

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No map is perfect… and there is nothing like real world play to test them.

But I’m sure 343 are perusing the heat maps - looking for trends both good and bad.

And the beauty of the new Slipspace engine is that map changes should be a lot easier. The old Blam! engine was notoriously hard to make geometry changes with.

Having said that I’ve enjoyed all the maps so far. Would prefer a couple more for the sake of variety. But a solid start.

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if you want to talk about bad maps look no further to “Behemoth”. I think just about every game I get on it someone complains. Wonder why they don’t have this map on HCS games. Haha

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Advice? You’re not some authority. It’s not fun and that’s the reason I dislike the map. It doesn’t matter if I can get to people or if there are ways to counter it. Get off your high horse. You’ve completely missed my point.

That was a low blow and you know it, dude was probably responsible for animal crossing reviews before that and had never played a Halo game… Forgive them lord for these noobs know not what they do :joy:


Chill buddy I’m not attacking you, you don’t need to attack me.

I already stated you don’t have to like the map, I’m not forcing you to like the map. I’m giving you options and tips to approach the map you dislike because it’s inevitable you’ll have to play on it again.

Better to steer into the skid than it is to have the skid steer into you.

When I played Overwatch I mained Pharah, needless to say players didn’t like fighting Pharah. I didn’t force them to appreciate her, instead I offered advice on how best to counter her on every rant post I could find. I’m not trying to force anyone to enjoy something they dislike, I’m just truly to make their approach a little easier.


Anyways your arguments OP is just fundamentally wrong, like if you wanna talk about a horrid comp map Behemoth is far far worse as it takes like 8 dead to pull a freaking flag and its extremely campy.

Live Fire has some setups yes, as do all Oddball maps, but its all extremely counterable. Watch pro scrims (or the NA regionals, which I recommend) and you’ll notice that its extremely difficult to hold the ball for any length of time because there are so many angles and equipment can create openings.

Edit: only way realistically for you to hold the ball is if your sniper just goes nuts and does consistent double kills or something idk, otherwise very easy to break the setup I feel.

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My post wasn’t about Behemoth. You not liking Behemoth also has nothing to do with my original post not liking Firing Range or whatever it’s called other than my title. Ok, maybe it’s not the worst map ever, but the title wasn’t meant to be my point.

I don’t care what pro scrims do. I play to have fun and relax, not sweat my nads off.