Gme was great but recent update made it a lag fest

Been loving the beta so far up until this mornings update. I am getting into games faster but they are laggy messes with kill cams that are embarrassing to watch. Guys shooting 6 feet behind you and killing you. Sniper shooting off into the distance and you randomly die while peppering them and they aren’t descoping for some reason. How yall continuously mess this up is beyond me. You took what was a fantastic beta experience and ruined it. I don’t know why yall even have kill cams because all they show is how bad this network code is. It’s either bad network code or the Azure servers aren’t what they were cracked up to be.

I love the gameplay changes with the ability to mantle and boost while retaining what makes Halo, Halo for the most part. Unfortunately the one thing that had always set Halo apart was it’s incredible network code that is severely lacking now in not only this beta but also MCC,

This should never happen and unfortunately its an extremely common occurrence in this game.