GM plz help!!! about PISTOL

I need help… I bought this game under the impression it was just like the original halo… Then i found out the pistol doesn’t even kill in 3 head shots…

Is there a way to make it actually have the real pistol not this stupid 5 shot kill one?

Is there any chance u will be addding any other maps from the first halo, ex: blood gorge.

I bought this game thinking it was like halo 1 but it ended up being just like the terrible game halo 2 except with old maps…

any help???

The pistol is a THREE shot kill w/ headshots only in Matchmaking on Anniversary Classic, it wasn’t possible for 343i to actually make the pistol a three shot kill in Firefight.

All the maps on Halo: Anniversary is all you will be getting, you could purchase Halo: Reach and play w/ Anniversary settings on Forge maps, otherwise, you are stuck with those seven maps.

You’re playing Halo Reach multiplayer and not Halo CE multiplayer.

Blood gulch is in Halo Reach but not in the multiplayer version you get with anniversary. Blood gulch is called Hemorrhage in Reach.