Glowing players

Get rid of player outlines or tone them way down or something! It looks totally ridiculous having enemies fully illuminated, especially on darker maps or way off in the distance of the larger maps. Sticking out like a sore thumb begging to be noticed be everyone takes away from the experience big time. There has got to be another way!


It is odd having it in. I’m border line on it. I like it but I can understand why others want it toned down or removed. It would be hard to tell your teammates from enemies without the outline since you can be any color now though (which is cool instead of being default red or blue).

If anything, maybe there can be a “Hardmode Ranked” where the outlines are removed for enemies and allies?

hate the glow hate the scope glow. Disable it, put tags above players and only if close. or scoped in on , its ridiculous people can see you across the map like that. oh sneaking up never mind… so dumn


Yeah I agree. The scope glow is super bright. I miss old halo where you had to see things for yourself instead of being prompted to look. Definitely moving away from a skill game and more geared to a game where even losers can win


@Stalwart81 They took away the radar because they wanted you to be more tactical and then added “scope glow” which defeats the purpose completely


Outlines for allies only could work. But that would mess up multi-team because you couldn’t focus a specific team.

So reduce radar to the point of worthlessness and introduce blinding scope and glowing outlines/shields visible from orbit to make it tactical. Hmmmm I’m confused

I would like to remove the glowing players. We need the traditional RED VS. BLUE Players


Yes, I agree. The main issue is that 343 wants us to fork out the dough for colors, and aside from the opening punch knuckle crack intimidating stance scene, it’s impossible to see their colors. Everyone is glowing whatever colors you choose them to glow and you’ll never see what’s underneath! The shield glow is visible from orbit and totally drowns out whatever color you want to be!

Exactly, it makes no sense what so ever.

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It makes snipers and aerial vehicles and other long range weapons way OP when your opponent can see you as a glowing red blotch the entire map away.

How would it be hard to tell your team mates from enemies? One has red letters above their head and the others blue/green.

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In Halo 3, one team got an over ride color of red or blue and that’s how you could tell enemy from ally from afar without reading the name.

It looks like we can now be any color on our team and we don’t get overwritten with a team color anymore.

I personally don’t have a hard time telling allies and enemies apart, but I am thinking maybe others could have difficulties. What is easy for someone else isn’t necessarily easy for another person.

I like the outline in the new halo but wouldn’t be sad to see it go. Do I think it’s helpful? Yes I do. Do I understand that it makes playing easier? Yes. It feels like it speeds up the game when you can spot someone fast. If the outlines weren’t there, I do think it would require more skill and slow the game down, not by much though. I also understand the OPs concerns and they make sense.

I don’t think it needs to be in the game because of games like CoD or Destiny. Destiny has some of those small arena like maps. The names of your team stick out.

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Its really annoying knowing you get shot by people who 100% would not have seen you if not for glow.

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I agree it could be toned down a bit. In general I’d be alright with it if there was actually decent customisation available. As it is the whole change feels silly, they took away RvB so that people could feel unique but everyone’s just rocking Cadet Grey or whatever that lame free HCS colour, usually with the starter helmet.


Would be a lot better if friendlies had a persistent nameplate/tag above their head while enemies had nothing.

The current outlines make it WAAAAAY too easy to spot enemies.

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This is one of the complaints I have had, I’m surprised I haven’t seen more people say the same. Especially on objective modes where I want to make a stealthy play for the flag, being a constant bright red glowing target ruins any chance of sneaking by enemies. And unless you’re right on top of somebody, the outlines just make teammates look blue and enemies look red. It’s meant to give the ability to show off your “custom” colors, but you can never really see it anyway. I feel like it kinda defeats its own purpose.

Also never mind that the shaders are a massive downgrade from primary/secondary colors anyway

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I have to agree. Several of my gametypes (whenever they get around to fixing customs) don’t work with these glowing shields. But hey, can’t have RvB like the old days because we gotta SELL THOSE SKINS BOI.