Global Tourn. Lagswitching?

The other night I was playing matches for the Global Tournament and in one of them there was a single player spazzing around the map, I wasn’t and neither was anyone else. I got into a firefight with him and I literally to intensely focus to kill him. Are people seriously doing this?

Especially, in that playlist except everything! All you can is inform bsangel by PM and give her the lagswitcher GT name, avoid him in XBL and that’s it!

What’s annoying is when you play in the wee hours like 1 am to 6 am and you encounter one because the chances are you’ll encounter them again and there’s really nothing you can do. I didn’t bother reporting him because he was still kill-able and i’ve never been one to rely on reporting things because it usually never does anything.

It’s just sad that there’s people willing to be -Yoinks!- to climb a tournament leaderboard. Even if they made it they’d be screwed as soon as they started ladder matches.