Global Challenge Tournament@GamesCom Cologne?

Any Infos about Settings, where it happens at GamesCom? How many Rounds etc? Which Day? Any Informations would be nice.

Thanks in advance!

The Gamescom Halo 4 Global Championship Qualifier will be taking place from August 22nd – August 24th (Thursday – Saturday) and each day will be an individual tournament, meaning that competitors need not make a weekend-long commitment in order to participate. Due to the size and format of Gamescom, the tournament will be walk-up only. Arrive early each day if you’d like to get a spot in the competition, as we cannot guarantee anyone a spot. For the same reasons, we cannot guarantee that all attendees will be able to compete (that would be awesome but may also take several months) and estimate that we will be able to accommodate at least 1,500 competitors over the course of the weekend.

The game types that will be featured at Gamescom are identical to the ones used at RTX, and the map rotation will be Haven, Skyline and Onyx. We’ll have additional details regarding the format of the show in the near future. If you’re looking to compete, head to the Xbox booth on Thursday morning to get in line. If you’ll be at the show, we’ll see you there and are looking forward to see who of Europe’s finest will earn a trip to the finals in Seattle the following weekend!

We’ll know more soon :slight_smile:

Thanks! :slight_smile:

What tag do I have to search for the RTX Maps and Gametypes? Found TopMids FFA Onyx instantly, but no chance for RTX Stuff. :frowning: