Glitter Freeze (BTB) feedback?

I’m working on my second forge map in H5, its intended to be a BTB map. Its very open, symmetrical and very much based on Blood Gulch and Valhalla.
The spawns aren’t complete, and the bases are currently only caves at the moment. I intended to build metal bases that work into the caves. Very much a work in progress, but the layout is how I want it.

If someone could walk around in customs, or better yet just fly in forge since the spawns aren’t right, that would be great!

My GT is xPronTron117x
Just add me and look for “Glitter Freeze”. Unless the name glitches again and reverts to its temp name of “Two Canyons”.

Just to let you guys know:
-Spawns and objectives are not in place
-Land needs some touch ups
-Final bases are not put together yet

Give me feedback or if any of you want to plan a time to group forge it, let me know! And yes, the map’s name and description are Gorillaz references!

Cool I’ll check it out…wait…aren’t you in my Spartan company?

A fellow Temple of Boom-er?

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