Glitchy Noble Req pack

I purchased a halo 5 noble req pack and it told me I would receive 3 armor pieces, however I only received 2.
someone pls help

Did you get the permanent unlocks? Two armor and a weapon?

Consider yourself lucky. Same thing happened to me but the entire game glitched, restarting as soon as i purchased the pack. I figured out I only got 2 armor pieces, 1 common weapon unlock, random weapons cards (not an assortment of weapons, the random card that generally gives you crap guns), and nothing but arena boosts. I hate arena. Biggest waste of time of my life. 343 is making me hate halo.

I hear you i hate to say it i wish they go to a COD style system.That way you can unlock what you want. Instead (if your lucky) you might can get the weapon you are after Level 74 no DMR yet. Screw you 343. Unless you change this Halo 6 will not be sold to this Spartan.