Glitches/ Mechanics

I have a lot of complaints with Halo Wars 2 that I know has caused a lot of my friends, who love Halo, to just not play because these issues are so terrible that they’ve lost a lot of hope for the game.

  1. 3v3 Lag- 3v3 has so much lag that it’s borderline unplayable. You can’t even click on anything because the game misclicks for you. It seems to be that nearly everyone experiences it and it makes the game so unenjoyable that I find myself not wanting to play it for a week at a time.
  2. Multiplayer- Multiplayer is plagued with people who just quit games all the time and it makes it so frustrating to even attempt to play. Clearly the system in place is ineffective because people will quit just about every single game. If people don’t actually get punished for it then they will continue to do it and make the game that much more miserable for those of us who want to like the game. That or the system for bans is fine and since there are so many other issues with the game no one even cares to get back on.
  3. Multiplayer End Game- For PC players, it seems that at the end of EVERY multiplayer game, the game automatically shuts down.
  4. Communication- The in-game chat system is ok at best, there are no notifications for when someone says something and 98% of the time my mic doesn’t work in-game either.
  5. Leader Breakdown- There doesn’t seem to be any place that you can go and just look and study your leader like there was in Halo Wars, which leaves a lot of people in the dark about what they’re doing.

As a long time Halo fan and even Halo Wars fan, Halo Wars 2 has been exceedingly lack luster for a Halo launch. I used to be so impatient to get home and play Halo and even the days that the games came out I would even fake being sick, but those days have long past. Halo Wars 2 has so many problems plaguing it that 343 had to be aware of and just didn’t care or didn’t take notice of and now we’re expected to live with their mistakes. This truly is the most disappointing Halo launch to date.