Glitches, Glitches, and poor decisions

I had high expectations for this update, but clearly it wasn’t ready at all. The reqs weren’t out ( which may be for a valid reason) but that’s not to mention the completely unbalanced firefight gamemode. The beta was better than this. It takes to long to spawn, and then you have to run across the map to help, only to be killed as soon as you get over there and to go again. Also, it’s way too hard to earn req levels. The bosses that come out are way too hard for the level reqs that you have. Very disappointed with the update so far.

Finally, my opportunity has arrived to tell this to a Waypoint kid in a situation in which it truly applies. OK. Here we go.

Git. Gud.

I’m sorry they made finishing all of the rounds something resembling an accomplishment this time around. I’m sure we’ll all be fine.

As far as the REQs are concerned, they won’t be out for a couple hours or so. I believe this has been mentioned in other threads. Best of luck!