glitched out online match !!! ! Must watch

I was playing a match one night when the game host left then we started back up and everything was ok then most of the players in the room dropped then the massive lag came then i glitch out of the game some how where the other team could see me but i couldn’t see them my friends where fine playing no lag on there end and btw my nat is set to open and i have a T1 connection soo dont blame my internet for being suckie i have 100 meg down and i think my up is 15 or more …

halo 4 glitched out online match video


Haha, nice gameplay. Ghosts tend to freak out when there’s lag :P.

Also, bumping is agasnist the forum rules, but I can see your reason for it. Some threads get burried quite quickly.

Lol at ur ghost flipping randomly in midair.