Glitched DLC Achievements

Hey guys, I’m sure everyone is tired of hearing about achievements that won’t unlock but hopefully giving the matter enough attention will help get a new patch released or at least something that can help. The ones I can’t unlock are: I See you!, Ashes to Ashes and Pigs Can Fly. When trying to get these by myself, they would not unlock. I think I was playing in regular Infinity Slayer. After meeting some people from forums, we decided to attempt these strictly together. One of my friends was able to unlock everything without a problem while myself and two other people were able to get all of them except those same 3 achievements. I think we all have all the DLC packs except the Champions Bundle. It is very frustrating as I have fully completed every one of my games prior to Halo 4 and my roll ends here because of something I seemingly have no control over.

On a more constructive note, I do believe the glitching has something to do with the order or timing for which the patch and DLC packs are installed. I have deleted my profile, recovered it, cleared the cache, deleted the DLC’s as well as the patch, and redownloaded everything but with no result.

And yes, all my kills were related to the achievement. I specifically played Binary Slayer and got about 15 kills without it popping. Also, I don’t see how any other variable other than using promethean vision whilst getting the kill would affect I See You! not popping. Likewise with killing someone accelerating upwards using their jetpack for getting Pigs Can Fly.

Anyway, any possible solution other than what I’ve already attempted would be greatly appreciated. Hopefully 343 can figure out what is causing this problem and I can go back to playing the game just for fun again.

343 Please listen to us on this topic. We would all love to have that little metal on our achievement history showing that we have completed this game.

I’m sure its not that hard to fix. =)

343i is aware the best you can do at the moment is just wait.

> This is something we’re aware of and we are looking into the issue. We know this is frustrating and we appreciate your patience.

This is something we are trying to find a reasonable resolution for. Thank you for your continued patience and know we haven’t forgotten about you.