Glitch - Xbox One - 117 achievement

It is possible that there is another post for this issue, but after looking I have not been able to find it.


ISSUE: “117” achievement has not unlocked despite completing requirements and finishing all campaign missions to gold.

DETAILS: I have completed all of the single player campaign missions in Halo Spartan Assault on the Xbox One to “gold”, but the achievement has not unlocked.

The in-game campaign menu shows all levels completed to gold, and the Spartan Assault leaderboards all register my high scores for each level above the gold requirements. Additionally, Halo Waypoint shows my campaign status on all levels also as complete to gold. Finally, the Xbox One’s achievement counter/app lists my progress for the 117 achievement at 100% but the achievement is still locked. The in-game achievement tab (from the main menu) is the only thing that still has the achievement locked.

Despite multiple efforts I have not been able to fix this. I have tried to fix this by “replaying” all of the levels (I have completed them all to gold again) but this has not fixed the issue. I have read that a “save reset” may also fix it, but I view this as a last resort and hope that someone may have another solution or 343 might be able to figure it out.

Based on some other posts on other sites, this issue appears to be happen due to a “level record glitch” where some level does not register properly. Hopefully someone might be able to help.

NOTE: For clarity, I do not own and have not played any other version of Halo Spartan Assault.


How long ago did you reach 100%? This is most likely a common Xbox One error. An achievement can sometimes reach 100%, yet not unlock. This can happen with any game.

The problem resolves itself in a day or so. Your achievement should unlock silently on its own. You’ll hopefully check back in the Achievement app and see it has unlocked.

The only thing I could think to do on your end would be to Quit and restart the Achievement app and the game every few hours, in the hopes of giving the system a kick in the right direction.

Hi Protium,

This sounds like an issue with Xbox Live and thus is out of our scope. We recommend reaching out to Xbox Support in one of the following ways:

[/li]- Xbox Support on Twitter