Glitch that needs to be fixed!

This is a link to the video of the glitch, and the one using it in the game I played.

This was a game of flood I played, this kid glitched 2/3 the rounds because the last round he was flood… Sad if you glitch in a game period, sadder if you glitch within its release week… 343 industries please fix =) and reply =)

I posted this topic because i looked for an area to report glitchers, but i couldnt find any…

They know about the glitch, and it will be fixed shortly. There are plenty of topics about this already, thank you :slight_smile:

Bull schimdt they know about the glitch, this is a easy glitch to FIX. but they arent doing ANYTHING, i started entering it to betray teamates that are in it. to bad after 1 betrayal im always booted (even though i get betrayed 5 times in a row with no boot option ALL 343 INDUSTRIES NEEDS TO DO IS SIMPLY PUT A KILL BOUNDARY IN THAT SPOT OR REMOVE THE MAP FROM THE PLAYLIST UNTIL THEY FIX IT COMPLETELY. this is sad approaching second week or the games release and still haven’t fixed this. if this is the 343 industries that is gunna stay… im leaving. not playing if i get booted for preventing a guy from cheating to get 50 kills in one round. pathetic lost faith in 343…

Its sad that whenever this map is available to be voted for, everyone but me votes it. shows what kind of community plays halo 4. and i’m usually the one not in the glitch on the other side of the map wondering were all the zombies are until i see service tags grouped up in the glitch. 343 better de-rank some glitchers, the abuse of this glitch is far to great.