Glitch or Hack?

I was playing in Corvette in FF Matchmaking Doubles and the guy I was paired with was spawning in the middle of the board. I kind of noticed it during the game and went back into theater and found he would die, then spawn near one of the shielded doors under a platform.

I was told to report it. I dont think I have the video anymore, but the gamertag of the other party was jdsboys. So I have two questions: Is this a hack and if not, how does one spawn where he spawned?

Thanks for the input.

its neither you can choose your spawn you die

When you die in FF, push up or down on the D-pad and choose your spawn if you want. Down under the hangar doors is one of the spawns on Corvette.

> its neither you can choose your spawn you die

Unless, he spawned in a spot that Normally you cannot spawn in. Personally I don’t see why the guy would go to the trouble of doing this kind of hack/mod. Not only does this risk your halo career it risks your entire xbox live career.

MS is Far Less forgiving about hacking/modding than 343i or Bungie ever was. And for good reason.

Un-ethical hacking is federal offense that is backed by the United Nations. :slight_smile: