Glitch on Complex. [Breaks Flood completely]

So, due to the fileshare being wonky as anything, I’ll have to do my best to explain it through text. If you walk down the ramp from sword spawn, out through the gate and turn left, you have a building on your right, and if you go left you hit the ducts which launch you up a story.

Go into the building on your right, and above the back most door will be a vent. Get onto the little platform closest to it, and crouch jump at the vent. Congratulations, you’re now inside the walls of that base. Unless you know about it, it’s virtually impossible to see them (on occasion, their gun barrels will stick through the walls) and completely impossible to kill them.

If anybody has a capture card / knows how to work the new fileshare, a video would be immensely helpful, as I’m not sure how well I did explaining it. If no one can find it, I’ll go do it again, come back, and write out painfully meticulous details on how to get to it.

343, this needs to be fixed before it catches on and breaks Flood on the map. It’s a bother in every other gametype as well, sure, but at least you can keep playing.

Bump because people would rather talk about how Spartans use the bathroom instead of letting 343 know about map exploits…

Yes, I agree that this needs to be fixed. Someone did this to my friends and I in a game of Oddball. We didn’t know how he got into the walls, but we were screwed from then-on because he was pretty much unreachable. So stupid.

343i knows and you’re only the 50th person to report this.

> 343i knows and you’re only the 50th person to report this.

Oh, perfect. Job well done, self, now you can go back to playing Halo 4. I just wanted to make sure that they knew about it, the sooner they can patch it the better.