Glitch on Complex 1

A guy just glitched under one of the bases on Complex and held the oddball for the entire game and punched people through the wall. It is the base that the red team spawns by. I have the video saved on my file share if you need proof. FIX THIS TRASH!!!

Yet another reason people will place this map as their most hated

someone just did that in a flood game i was playing

Just ran into this same problem. Somehow, someone on our team got in their and took the ball from him.

As if I needed a reason to like this map even less…

Yea, it’s very annoying when that happens. However, this is just one of many complaints I have about this game. I’ll give them a chance to fix the kill cams, boltshot, binary rifle, incineration cannon, and a few other things. I’ll keep playing the game though because I enjoy most of it

Thank god im not the only one, just had some guys hide inside a freaking wall on flood mode and take us all out as we came. We all just had to sit it out.

Personally, I’m not very impressed with 343. I beat the campaign today and I was getting tired of seeing Master Chief coming to after crashing over and over.