Glitch: Matchmaking found games not starting

If I’m posting in the wrong topic tell me. I’ve noticed a small annoying issue when searching games. In Social or Arena, if I search for a game, and the game doesn’t get a full lobby (1-2 missing players), the game will never load or play. No matter how long I wait, the lobby never fills and the game never loads, forcing me to back out. However, since you can’t back out once a game starts, I have to completely crash the game, and I don’t know whether that affects the quitting out thing and getting banned from matchmaking for a while.

It’s a known issue, but probably won’t get fixed. Usually if you wait long enough, the game will just say unable to match and then bring you back to the lobby. You won’t get banned from quitting the build, but you might get a DNF on your service record.

As soon as this happens I usually try and invite someone or dashboard. Just wasting your time if you sit around for 5-10mins waiting for nothing.