Glitch found on episode 3 chapter 2

I was playing on the mission Galileo and later in the mission you see no Enemies, But you do see there guns Floating about killing you and it is nearly impossible to kill… 343I please fix… Soon

Look closer, they are just tiny. And no please don’t fix this because its too fun and funny.

I try to assassion one but it was hard and i beat it would be to funny to see.

I haven’t gotten this glitch. Think I’ll go play some spartan ops.

My friends and I were dying laughing when we saw this. We kept chasing the tiny jackals trying to assassinate them.

Literally just happened to me. I was confused when I saw my teammates shooting the ground.

I could not stop laughing when we got this glitch. It was a pain to kill them, but was so random that it was hilarious.