XBOXONE made it to the end of glassed mission, eliminated all enemies but gate won’t open/mission won’t end. I’ve watched the walk through but Sloan doesn’t speak or open the gate for me, is this a glitch?

I’m currently stuck here right now. I’ve just Googled the problem and this topic is the only relevant result.

At the end of the mission “Glassed”, you roll up to the gate where promethean enemies are supposed to spawn in waves, however after the first few enemies warp in no more seem to spawn. I’ve ran around the whole area looking for an enemy I might have missed and tried running back down the mountain but I’m met with a “return to battle” countdown.

This didn’t occur on my Heroic play through and I’m currently on Legendary. Has anyone else encountered this?

I’m having the exact same problem, just Googled it and this is all that came up.

Is there a fix, does anyone know? This is really frustrating.

  • I am stuck here as well, same sitch finished off all the badies, gate no open, tho npcs in the game keep saying there’s still prometheans, can’t backtrack the level as it’s out of bounds for the battlefield, no fix, annoyed to pay full price for a game and be stuck so early in. Anyone have a solution? Rather not start the game over again.

Redid level, got scorpion this time and it worked. gates don’t actually open fades out and loads new level

Just had this happen to me too.After a lot of searching, I did find one last enemy just to the right of the gate between it and the platform with the turret behind some crates stuck and unable to get out. Could be a glitch but once I killed it the cutscene began.

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