Glad these forum are up!

Now I can talk about some of the ideas I have had for the new console and game. Be prepared cause some of these ideas are kinda far-fetched but could (maybe) be viable.

  1. Different kinds of Spartans: The idea of small medium and large Spartans. Kinda like choice between S2s(Large), S3s(small), and S4s (medium). Each behaves similar but each has a different “ability” (taking the place of AA’s)
  • Smalls are a bit faster and a bit flimsy. they have the ability to do a roll if the “ability” button is pressed left, right, or back (similar to evade) pressing forward would allow a sprint and if they hit a wall deemed “climable” then they scale the wall.
  • Larges are bit slower but have some more health and can detach any turreted weapon (including vehicle mounted) and run fast with a little less then their normal speed.
  • Mediums are balanced health and speed wise and are able to use a lesser version of sprint but cannot roll, they can also detach turrets but move slower, but they can use “cover” when sprinting into a wall. They can use cover and blind fire until they are hit then they “eject”
    <mark>Note: This would eliminate AA’s which may not have killed the game but limited its competitive capability. Also these changes would only affect multiplayer.</mark>
  1. Forerunner vehicles: I would imagine that most of these would be flying vehicles that serve different purpose, who knows.

  2. Larger multiplayer battles: This could open up huge new game-types that could include things like space battles and all around more interesting multiplayer experiences.

  3. Space battles: This was something in reach and 4 that i wanted to see alot more of, I liked the feel of a spaceship. Maybe just me.

  4. DEDICATED SERVERS: Hopefully with the X1 the cloud or something could assist with this, we’ll see. I’m sure people can agree the lag of 4 was kinda ridiculous.

Well that’s more or less the things i think could be in a halo 5/whatever. If people have some interesting or creative ideas. Also if mine could use some improvement or change.

I don’t think the competitive fan base or even the casual fan base, would like the idea of differently sized Spartans. Only because of the issue with hitboxes making it harder/easier to hit certain people. It would be a cool idea visually, but I think the hitbox issue would be too large for 343i to do that.

I do hope, the females in the next game look more feminine, though. Less like teenage boys. But I don’t want to use the male model because they’re too bulked out. :frowning:

Hadn’t thought of that.