Glad I didnt get a H4 tattoo

Id rather get a halo Reach tattoo over Halo 4 as the game sits.

I know its only been about 2 months now and i am trying to give 343 time to fix things but as the game sits Reach beats H4 in almost every way.

Yes I do have Halo Tattoos I have CE, 2, and 3 symbols. Im a huge fan of Halo but 343 why did you change Halo so much to make just like another shooter out there.

im glad you didnt either. Thank god you were smart for once


pics tho

Computer game tattoos?



I wouldn’t mind seeing these Halo tattoos.

id cut off my arm if i had a reach tattoo on it.

> Computer game tattoos?
> really?

I have a tattoo of Master Chief on my -Yoink-. What of it?