Glad Halo is back

I have seen lots of post saying that Halo 5 is the best or that it is the worst in the industry. Regardless of both of these I want people opinion on this. Are people glad halo is back. I have to say I have missed halo since I got an xbox one. Yea MCC was out but due to the slow multiplayer (having to find a new game everytime) i found my self upset because it always took so long trying to find a game. Then halo 5 came along. Halo to me as a fan has always been the best I have been a die hard fan since I started back in H3 when I loved the game so much I got the other two games within a week of buying H3 and since then I have gotten into the lore like crazy. Since playing H5 I have been finding my self having loads of fun not because the game is good or bad but because this unique type of game is finally back. Though the mechanics may have changed I am wondering if people at least agree with this. Are we happy Halo is back? The answer for me is Yes, but I want to know your answer.

Problem is Halo isn’t back.

How so i’m not trying to start a argument just want some feedback

As a halo fan since halo CE, I think this game is great and still keeps the halo vibe well. If anything reach was the least bit in halo vibe-iness. Felt more like a call of duty wannabe