Giving up on this weekly challenge

I completed every even challenge, all the weekly challenges. Just for one more to be dropped which I have to play Fiesta. I always disliked this gamemode personally. But I have to get 5 killing sprees. I already had to do some many killing spree challenges this week.

On a game like fiesta you need to have luck with a good weapon setup or try to find it but you’ll most likely die. I got one and I don’t have time for more before work.

Glad I wasted so much time doing things I don’t like, instead of not enjoying the game.
For a coating that can’t be cross used between armors.


I completely agree. I wasted hours and hours completing challenges I didn’t even enjoy doing and when the ultimate weekly challenge unlocked, I just gave up. I tried to use a challenge swap on it but it wouldn’t work. Getting 5 killing sprees in Fiesta is an obnoxious requirement after I already grinded dozens of matches to complete the normal weeklies. Maybe if I had no job and no life I could have finished it. So far I’m very disappointed with infinite


Atleast you got that far.
My version of Infinite kept giving me non-Event challenges the entire time.
Needed to do two challenges to get one Event challenge, at least two normal challenges.

Such a fun game ruined, gamemode challenges are dumb. They should be already one or two but it’s every other challenge.

Event challenges being one gamemode specific O can understand.

Also the micro transactions would make more since if the drop the price a little and give us free in game credit through game pass.

Just not enough incentives, they just focus on the grind.
I’m good at the game and sometime I think I’m above average but I can’t put that time in it.
Placed Onyx in solo rank within 6 hours of gameplay. Got some lame incentives. Placed Onyx in public crossplay, two days later received nothing.

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The 5 killing sprees isn’t that bad, took me a couple hours to do. Just need to get BR/Rockets/Grav and let them come to you
But yeah there is some luck involved too, like having half decent teammates.


I got it done in less than an hour. Hope you spawn with good weapons, if not roll with a teammate and pick up off opponents bodies.

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I was stuck for 3 days on challenges for “win 3 total control matches” and “Play 3 CTF matches in PvP”. The only reason I was stuck for so long was the rng of getting CTF and total control matches at all. Finally last night after playing all day yesterday I completed it. I swear it was not by chance that while playing BTB consistently it took 3 days to get those game modes. I’ve never played so many back to back BTB Slayer and Stockpile matches in my entire time spent playing this game. What a coincidence that 343 sells challenge swaps in the store… Its like they looked at every single aspect of this game and tried to figure out how to make money off of it.

In the end I got to the capstone challenge and even though I completed it, I think for most people 5 killing sprees in Fiesta can be a little overkill (no pun intended). The worst part of it all, is I can only put this coating on one armor core and to be honest its kinda ugly.

To anyone still trying to grind the Capstone Challenge, I recommend trying to pick up a gravity hammer and sword with grapple, that’s how I completed it and it went pretty quick.

Honestly, I got that challenge two times as well (including at the end). The first time it took me several matches. The second time I was done in 3 or 4 matches. It’s not THAT hard if you play at all cautiously. Heck, in one match I jumped in a random tank and got an overkill, so that made the challenge a lot easier. Overall, I find getting killing sprees easier in fiesta than in regular slayer or BTB slayer. It’s arguably easier in oddball or even CTF because other players are focused on the objective.

That all said, I did the challenge twice and got the reward, but I agree the reward is meh overall. It’s not a coating I’m using.

I am not amazing at Halo by any means, but it took me 6 matches to finish the weekly ultimate. I thought the challenges were pretty easy overall this week.

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Similar thing happened with me where I was stuck with a return 3 flags challenge, and I had to play at least 6-7 other games (none of my challenges were relevant and one was glitched) plus I admittedly quit a few to try into a get a CTF game, before I got one. Fortunately I got ctf back to back, since I was not able to do it in one game.

The glitched one I mentioned above was win 3 slayer matches. Apparently fiesta did not count, and once that challenge appeared I almost always got oddball or stronghold when doing ranked & quickplay.

It does seem like you might get a certain number of challenge swaps per day, either that or the battle pass gave me more than one when I hit level 10

Please stop to cry… just needed of 4h of play for finish all, quest, this not exclude… and i have make with a easy br and sniper…

I would submit a ticket on the support site.

Everyone should have got 7 weekly event challenges to progress to stage 7 on the free event pass.

Did it in one game lol. RNGJesus was on my side and put me with monkeys instead of human players.

Well I can, but question is if it worked as intended.
If I have several weeklies and it picks from the random pool then I’m bound to not get the event ones.
Unless they’d make it so that one slot always is a weekly.

However it would be great if one slot was reserved for event challenges only, at all times.