Giving me a Magnum would be a great way to celebrate The Heroes of Reach

Hi. I would like a Magnum. The AR starts seem inappropriate for BTB, but just flipping to BR or Commando starts would just result in constant cross-map melting in 12v12. I think a Magnum would give us a punchier mid-range capability without suffocating the maps with crossfire.

The Magnum would also probably tighten up ranked, because the BR currently feels pretty slow-firing. It feels bizarre to switch from very fast AR TTK in Social and then be stuck with a slow BR and no secondary in Ranked.

I personally think it would improve Social, too, but I know many casual players would be upset. Despite their protestations, an easier utility pistol with no bloom and better mid-range play would give casual players a better bridge to precision play, which is important as long as precision weapons are part of the Social sandbox. I don’t even care if it’s still tuned so that the AR is almost always better at close range. The Sidekick is just not useful to lower-skill players. A hard-to-use, super specific Sidekick might superficially seem more appealing to casual players, but they’re actually going to suffer the most from Sidekick abuse. But it’s not actually ideal for experienced players, either, because it has limited utility outside of close-range spam.

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