Giving Forge a 2nd Chance

Alright, so I almost have ALL gear unlocked for Halo 5 save for a few mythic armors, Phaeton Helios, and Achilles (not even gonna try), and I’ve come to realize Forge is all I’ll have left, so I think I finally figured out some map schemes that would work for me in Halo 5, it’s really quite simple too! I’m gonna remake every sector, maybe even sector 5, from the show “Code Lyoko” complete with Activated Towers and maybe even the cables, as my GT is a refrence to the show, I watch it quite often, and am well versed in the layout of each sector so it should be really easy to make them, if my remakes turn out to be good enough for game nights, then I’ll try doing sector 5 complete with moving blocks and such, but odds (get it?) are that I won’t be able to do Sector 5 justice. Also need a gaint Buster Sword kinda thing for whoever takes the role of William.