Giving away Specialization code

I am giving my spare specialization code to anyone who gives me a good reason as to why they should have it, a trade, or make me laugh. Have fun!

If the opposite of pro is con,

Is the opposite of progress congress?

The one given to me does not work.

> If the opposite of pro is con,
> Is the opposite of progress congress?

Haha! Funny. So far you will get it if no one else posts within 10 miins. After that, it’s yours.

Let me have that code! Please ! Have a x mas heart!

This should do

I win

Someone please send me a specialization code! Please!

Been 3 weeks since I was 70… Halo sux balls!


Good reason: mine doesn’t work.

Trade: I’ll give you this apple core on my table. It was a good apple.

Make you laugh: Give me a few shots at this. I don’t know you that well.

This is how I feel trying to figure out the whole specialization problem.

For random awesomeness, click here, here, and here.

This usually works.

If those didn’t work, here.

Finally, if I can’t make you laugh, click here.

I have a good reason on why I should have it. At the moment I’m level 32 and have already activated a specialisation code. Now it still says locked so maybe if i get everyone’s specialisation codes and activate them all, maybe it will unlock them.

Since so many people applied, I will ask a riddle. First one with the answer will get the code.

“Your actions tread between honor and foolishness.”
“You will relent, human, or you will perish. All in life is choice. And your day to choose has come.”
“And so… you come at last.”

Who is my other?


my mom.

er wait, that doesn’t seem right.

Let me have it please!

> Didact?

who is my other?

To be honeset, I don’t understand your question about “who is the other?”. It’s the didact talking about the humans/Master Chief about him being charged or whatever for “ensuring forerunner ascendancy”.

I have the answer! (My mom) lol … Please send! Gamer tag is Roo 510… Please I’m hella desperate!

Come on bro! Have a heart! You can make someone else’s day!